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Hocus Pocus - Halloween PRESALE

Hocus Pocus - Halloween PRESALE

Naturally coloured, this spooktacular dough offers different colours as you dig through, roll, squish and play.
125g of dough and packaged in a recyclable jar. 
Brand: Little Larch 
Availability: Canada Only
Recommended Age: 3+
Important: Dough should be stored in a cool, dark place. Because of the plant-based dye that is used, colour fade can occur if left in sunlight. Additionally, if left in high-heat, there is potential for the product to mold. If mold should appear, discard play dough immediately. 
Included on each jar is an "open by" date. This date is 4 months from the date the dough was made to ensure optimal quality for customers. Dough should last up to 6 months after opening. Once opened it is recommended that you store your dough in the fridge for maximum shelf life. If dough is left out, simply rehydrate it by adding a few drops of water or vegetable oil. 
Important: Ingredients include: wheat flour, salt, cream of tartar, arrowroot powder, coconut oil, vegetable glycerin and plant & mineral based dyes. 
Important: Unfortunately this product is only available to be shipped in Canada due to organic & natural materials and the required regulations at this time. 

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